Common Stair Cleaning

Common Stair Cleaning Service

Caledonian Maintenance Services’ common stair cleaning services are provided by the company’s full-time staff who are specifically trained in all aspects of the job. That means customers are guaranteed a high degree of expertise and top quality finishes every time.

Caledonian Maintenance Services provides a bespoke service for every sort of common stairways and landings from multi-story flats to tenement buildings, from private flatted accommodation with carpet stairways to offices, theatres and cinemas.

The company also delivers a wide range of services to meet the needs of its customers who range from local authorities, housing associations and private landlords to property owners and tenants.

Caledonian Maintenance Services’ common stair cleaning services include: sweeping and mopping landings and stairs, dry dusting banisters and railings, washing windows, washing walls and vacuum cleaning carpets.

The company recommends a deep clean on a regular basis to supplement a weekly or twice weekly routine clean. This specialist service can include power washing and machine scrubbing stone floors and stairways, stripping and re-sealing vinyl floor coverings and deep cleaning carpets.

Caledonian Maintenance Services’ common stair cleaning teams are well versed in the company’s environmental policy which means they keep the use of chemical cleaners to a minimum, and ensure that they dispose of any chemicals used in a safe and effective manner.