Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

We at Caledonian pride ourselves on our Window cleaning services and provide them to an exceptionally high standard. The company has an extremely loyal workforce which means its specialist teams of window cleaners are all highly experienced and experts at putting a sparkle into the grimiest windows.

Window cleaning services have come a long way since Caledonian Cleaning started almost a quarter of a century ago. The ladders, buckets and chamois leathers of the past have been replaced by reach and wash water fed poles for the vast majority of contracts.

These new systems come with their own generators to pump distilled water, onto the window, an environmentally friendly system which eliminates the need for soap or detergent as the high levels of water purity leaves windows sparkling and smear free. The poles can extend to sixty feet, eliminating the inherent risk in using ladders and providing a beautiful finish, with minimal impact on the environment.

Caledonian Cleaning’s window cleaning services are carried out by a team who retain their traditional skills to tackle the inside of windows by hand, and when required still don safety harnesses or use cherry pickers to clean the outside of otherwise inaccessible windows.

Caledonian Cleaning’s commercial clients including a string of universities like Strathclyde, Stirling, and Edinburgh which rely on the company to clean what can often be acres of windows on a regular basis. Top hotels, like Gleneagles and the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews appreciate the fact that Caledonian Cleaning’s staff are trustworthy, and value the company’s attention to detail.

When cleaning large hotels the Caledonian staff put out a door hanger warning any guest that the windows of their room are being cleaned, and apologising for any inconvenience.