On Track For A Better Service

Caledonian Cleaning is on course to offer clients an even better service than before – thanks to a new satellite tracking system. The TomTom Tracking system has been fitted to Caledonian Cleaning’s fleet of 15 vans to avoid wasting the staff’s time on unnecessary journeys.

Managing Director Andrew McIntyre explained:

Our guys get very frustrated if we have to send them back to somewhere they have just been because a new job has come in.

The TomTom system means we can pinpoint the location of all our vans at any one time, and make sure that any new job goes to the team who are closest. The client benefits from getting the fastest possible response to their call.

Apart from the efficiency savings, the system also helps us achieve our ambition of being environmentally friendly by cutting out unnecessary journeys and wasted miles. So it’s not just good for our customers and staff, it’s good for the planet as well.